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Our range includes FOUR ROW TAPER / CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARINGS, anti friction bearing, Linear technology, sealing technology, lubricants, As a result we are very well prepared for increasingly complex demands of our customers from variety of Industries such as steel & Mining, Paper & pulp, sugar, cement & power plants. We have built our strengths in your interest, to continue to maintain optimum ability to deliver, technical consultation and reliable service.

An important part of our company philosophy is to be able to supply our customers all over India with the necessary rolling bearings when they have an emergency situation. LNT's most important principle is to be able to react from one minute to the next. Production is dependent on movement so downtime is waste of time and money. If a machine or unit is down no time should be lost in your interest. LNT team can help you right away. We place the skill and knowledge of our experienced staff at your disposal. We check our stock, clarify the details, look for alternatives, speak with the manufacturers & Distributors and find a solution for you.

Warehouse & Logistics

A well - organized ware house is the pride and joy for any organisation. It is also the most important prerequisite for being able to deliver the right product at the right time. Our warehouse is located near inter state transport hub. Transportation and logistics play a important role in any trade. LNT's staff is expert having years of experience in freight forwarding and customs so that we can make a quick decision about the right way to send the goods and the formalities required. We can arrange transportation of the goods to your destination by air freight if the goods are required at lightening speed. Additionally you profit from the special terms and conditions we have with reputed freight forwarders.

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