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Angular contact ball bearings are suitable for applications which require high accuracy and good high-speed performance. This type of bearing is designed to carry a combined load.


Angular contact ball bearings - Single-row

Single-row angular contact ball bearings and matched pair angular contact ball bearings

The standard contact angles are 15,30 and 40.

Bearings with a smaller contact angle are more suitable for applications involving high-speed rotation.
Those with a larger contact angle feature superior axial load resistance.

Angular contact ball bearings - Double-row

Double-row angular contact ball bearings

Consist of two single-row angular contact ball bearings matched back-to-back, with inner and outer rings integrated.

Matched pair

Angular contact ball bearings are often preloaded to enhance their rigidity and rotating performance.

For high-precision matched pair angular contact ball bearings of class 5 or higher, which are used in machine tools and other precision equipment, the standard preload is specified in three levels: light(L), medium(M), and heavy(H).

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